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    the world, and all who live in it - Psalm 24:1

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Rosaria Butterfield - Part 1

In today’s episode we share the testimony of Rosaria Butterfield, an ex-LGBTQ+ community member whose transformation through the Gospel offers a profound narrative of faith. Butterfield, once a professor of queer theory, shares the strong convictions that have defined her journey to Christianity, boldly addressing what she identifies as the five lies society has embraced, including thoughts on homosexuality, spirituality, feminism, transgenderism, and modesty.

Leighton Grey

In today’s episode, we're joined by Leighton Grey, a powerhouse in legal advocacy who’s been championing the rights of the unvaccinated. Leighton brings us up to date on a transformative class action lawsuit that's been gaining traction, now with nearly 5,000 individuals on board, against the federal government for the treatment of unvaccinated citizens. We dive into the topics of government overreach, the threat of vaccine mandates, privacy invasions, and the potential criminalization of religious expression are on the table as Leighton points out the sobering reality of bills like C-367 and C-63.

Catherine Christensen

In this episode of Talk Truth, we are joined by Catherine Christensen, founder of Valour Law. Catherine delves into the state of our forces, unearthing concerns about vaccine mandates causing undue harm and dismissals, questionable recruitment practices, and a military in distress. Catherine revealed ongoing legal battles, obstacles thrown by the Crown, and alarming trends threatening our military's integrity.

Jen Hodgson

In this episode of Talk Truth, we welcome back Jen Hodgson, reporter for the Western Standard. Jen delves into the recent sensationalism surrounding a natural phenomenon — the eclipse. With the world seemingly on edge, she unpacks the reasons behind the widespread panic, debunking myths, and exploring societal responses, including state of emergency declarations, conspiracy theories, and the rush to emergency preparedness. Jen sheds light on the balance of media narratives, urging us to veer away from fear and back to faith and wonder in the creation God has given us.

Brian Peckford

In this episode of Talk Truth we are joined by the Honorable Brian Peckford, the last living architect of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Mr. Peckford delves into the misrepresented origins of the Charter, the diminishing acknowledgment of God's supremacy in governance, and the ongoing battle to uphold democratic liberties. As he unveils a lesser-known historical narrative, we delve into the profound repercussions of overlooking the Charter’s cornerstone principle—the recognition of God's supremacy in our legislative framework.

Franco Terrazzano

In this episode of Talk Truth, we welcome returning guest Franco Terrazzano of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation for a discussion on the recent carbon tax increase and its far-reaching effects on Canadians' wallets. Franco unpacks the financial strain of the carbon tax on families, exposes the political science behind regional discrepancies, and addresses politicians' pay raises amidst economic challenges taxpayers face. faced by taxpayers. He also challenges the rationale behind rebate systems and ponders the potential implementation of a universal income scheme.

Jeff Colvin & Stephen Hanley

In this episode of Talk Truth, we explore a tumultuous situation that has unsettled the city of Chestermere, Alberta. Former Mayor Jeff Colvin and Deputy Mayor Stephen Hanley join us to discuss allegations of corruption, extensive financial mismanagement, and a power struggle that resulted in their removal from office. Offering firsthand insights, they reveal their efforts to reform local governance, despite encountering resistance from unexpected quarters.

Dr. Judy Mikovits

In this episode of Talk Truth, Allan Hunsperger and Corri Hunsperger welcome Dr. Judy Mikovits back onto the show. Dr. Mikovits, a natural products chemist, shines a light on the hidden truths about everyday items like microwaves and illuminates the deceptive practices of government agencies that affect our health and freedom.

Julianne Johnson & Nicole Hope

In this episode of Talk Truth, Corri and Allan Hunsperger dive into the gripping accounts of two former nurses who faced intense professional scrutiny after expressing their personal views on COVID-19 vaccinations. Julianne's resignation and public outcry triggered a complaint that threatened her license, while Nicole's social media post about vaccinating children sparked a similar battle. Their stories shed light on the contentious intersection of medical ethics, personal freedom, and professional responsibility.

Roger Song

In this episode of Talk Truth, Allan Hunsperger and Corri Hunsperger are joined by guest Roger Song, a lawyer from Calgary who shares his powerful journey from growing up in China to standing up against indoctrination in Canada. Roger's compelling story sheds light on the similarities he sees between the communist culture in China and the evolving social landscape in Canada. With thought-provoking comparisons and firsthand experiences, Roger unravels the impact of ideologies on individual freedoms and the rule of law. From the plight of his father in the Chinese Liberation Army to the struggle against the Alberta Law Society, Roger's perspective offers a striking reflection on faith, freedom, and the disturbing trends observed in modern society.

Pastor Andrew Serafini

In this episode of Talk Truth, we dive into a thought-provoking conversation with Pastor Andrew Serafini about the vital intersection between faith and health. Hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger explore Pastor Andrew's role as a pastor of health and wellness, discussing the importance of tending to the physical body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. They explore the deep spiritual roots of our physical wellbeing, touching on topics such as the immune system, biblical principles of health, and the need for churches to break free from traditional structures and embrace a fresh fire of devotion to Christ.

Dr. Judy Mikovits

In this episode of Talk Truth, Corri and Allan Hunsperger talk to Dr. Judy Mikovits about the importance of natural immunity and the challenges with modern food and healthcare practices. Dr. Mikovits discusses the measles outbreak and the controversies surrounding vaccination, shedding light on the complexities of immune responses and the need to educate ourselves on natural immunity. She touches on reeducation and the need to relearn how to take care of our bodies amidst the onslaught of misinformation and lack of understanding about natural immunity.

Dr. William Makis

Dr. Makis shares his insights on the increasing incidents of medical emergencies, such as heart attacks and strokes, among individuals post-vaccination, particularly focusing on the impact on the working-age population. The conversation also dives into the potential influence of independent media in shaping public perception, and highlights the importance of noncompliance and proactive health measures.

Allan and Corri Hunsperger

Welcome to a special episode of Talk Truth! In this episode, Corri and Allan Hunsperger reflect on a significant milestone from 30 years ago and what it means for them today. They discuss their journey of fighting for Christian radio in Canada, marking the anniversary of the country's first gospel music Christian radio station. Join them as they share personal stories, celebrate achievements, and look towards the future of broadcasting and outreach.

Dr. Mark Trozzi

On this episode of Talk Truth, we dive into a thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Mark Trozzi. As he shares his experiences and insights from his years of practicing emergency medicine, including his bold stance on the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Trozzi exposes the contradictions and challenges he faced within the medical community, shedding light on the alarming truths behind the vaccine rollout. His unwavering commitment to human rights and serving the truth is not only inspiring but also serves as a beacon of hope in these critical times.

Stephanie Bakker

In this episode, we had the privilege of speaking with Stephanie Bakker, a courageous individual who stood up for neutrality in her town. Stephanie shared her experience of challenging the decision to install a rainbow crosswalk and the subsequent petition that led to a town-wide vote. We discovered how she navigated the challenges, criticisms, and the unexpected reactions from her local council.

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