Marianne Klowak - Part 4

In this episode of Talk Truth, we finish part four of Marianne Klowak’s NCI testimony with guest Shawn Buckley. Marianne reveals the challenges she faced in her final days at the CBC, particularly surrounding her attempts to report on vaccine injuries. She discusses the significant editorial changes that diluted her stories, the difficulty of getting adverse reactions reported, and the media’s overall unwillingness to cover critical health issues during the pandemic.

Marianne Klowak - Part 3

In this episode of Talk Truth, we dive into part three of Marianne Klowak’s powerful NCI testimony with guest Shawn Buckley. A seasoned journalist and former CBC reporter for 34 years, Marianne shares her unsettling experiences and the challenges she faced in an industry she feels became more about pushing propaganda than presenting unbiased news. She recounts the pivotal moments that led to her decision to leave, from having her critical stories about vaccine mandates and protests shut down to being forced to cover trivial topics like cricket and bed bug infestations.

Marianne Klowak - Part 2

In this episode of Talk Truth, we continue part two of Marianne Klowak's NCI testimony with guest Shawn Buckley. Marianne provides a startling inside look at how the CBC transitioned from news reporting to what she describes as propaganda during the COVID-19 pandemic. She details troubling censorship, the creation of harmful stereotypes, and ethical breaches that question the integrity of mainstream media. Marianne recounts her own experience of trying to report on vaccine safety concerns, only to be met with unprecedented levels of scrutiny and editorial pushback.

Marianne Klowak - Part 1

In this episode of Talk Truth, lawyer Shawn Buckley joins us for Part 1 of the NCI testimony from veteran journalist Marianne Klowak. With 34 years at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Klowak has been a leading investigative journalist. However, the onset of COVID-19 turned her newsroom into an echo chamber of endorsed propaganda, silencing dissent and eroding public trust. Marianne shares her unsettling experiences of having her stories on vaccine safety and mandate impacts blocked, offering firsthand insights into a once-principled newsroom's rapid descent into biased reporting and ridicule of dissenting voices.

Alan Honner

In this episode of Talk Truth, we welcome Alan Honner, a Toronto lawyer and litigation director at the Democracy Fund. Alan discusses his work defending civil liberties in Canada, covering high-profile cases like Tamara Leach's defense and COVID-related fines and emphasizes the importance of education, dialogue, and growing awareness of civil liberties.

Dr. Judy Mikovits

In this episode of Talk Truth, we welcome back renowned immunologist Dr. Judy Mikovits. Dr. Mikovits shares her journey through science, faith, and public health, exploring America's values and the ethical crossroads of modern science. She highlights her work in immunotherapy, explains the differences between immunization and vaccination, and discusses the influence of faith on her science, the motives she perceives in public health, and her belief in natural remedies derived from God's creations.

Tanner Hnidey

 In this episode of Talk Truth, we welcome back Tanner Hnidey, author of "The Kingdom of Cain: Escape the Insanity of Progressivism." Tanner offers a critical examination of contemporary societal issues through a biblical lens. Together, they explore Tanner's perspectives on progressivism, socialism, and the moral and spiritual consequences of a society driven by subjective moral standards. Tanner's insights highlight the chaotic nature of progressivism, its historical roots, and how, unlike aimless progressivism, true progress comes from following an objective standard—Christ.

Dr. Curtis Wall & James Kitchen

In this episode of Talk Truth, we delve into the compelling story of Dr. Curtis Wall, a chiropractor in Alberta, and his legal battle with the College of Chiropractors. Joined by lawyer James Kitchen, the discussion uncovers the challenges Dr. Wall faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, where his refusal to wear a mask led to a tumultuous journey of professional misconduct allegations. As they navigate the complexities of the case and the role of mainstream media, the conversation highlights the power struggles, legal intricacies, and the fight for truth and justice in the face of adversity.

Vincent Gircys - Part 2

In this episode of Talk Truth, we continue part two of the NCI testimony from Vincent Gircys, a retired senior member of the Ontario Provincial Police and forensic expert, joined by guest Shawn Buckey. Vincent sheds light on the pressing need for a criminal investigation into government actions during the COVID-19 pandemic and unveils discrepancies between media narratives and reality, calling out propaganda and censorship.

Vincent Gircys - Part 1

 In this episode of Talk Truth, we welcome lawyer Shawn Buckley as we delve into the compelling testimony of Vincent Gircys, a retired senior member of the Ontario Provincial Police and forensic expert. Gircys shares his concerns and exposes the glaring flaws in the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. His insights cut through the mainstream media narrative, urging a deeper look into critical issues like vaccine safety and efficacy.

Joshua Allen

In this episode of Talk Truth, we are joined by Joshua Allen, also known as the "cowboy preacher" and the director of Man Camp, an extraordinary Christian men's activity in Western Canada. Joshua shares his powerful personal testimony of how God's transformative power changed his life from a path of addiction and violence to one filled with hope, peace, and purpose. He speaks candidly about his journey away from God and the miraculous encounter that brought him back, ultimately leading him to impact the lives of countless men through Man Camp.

Margaret Granny Mackay

In this episode of Talk Truth, we welcome Margaret "Granny" Mackay. Margaret shares her journey from politics to founding the advocacy group Alberta Municipal Lies and Corruption, exposing municipal corruption and fighting for transparency. She also discusses her personal and spiritual journey, including her recent baptism and growing faith, and addresses society's confusion and anger amidst conflicting information.

Tanner Hnidey

In this episode of Talk Truth, we welcome Tanner Hnidey, a dedicated preacher, author, and speaker. Tanner delves into his new book, "Kingdom of Cain," drawing intriguing parallels between biblical stories and today's moral landscape. He tackles pressing topics such as euthanasia and government control and gives an update on his advocacy for an Alberta pension plan, discussing its potential benefits and addressing common concerns.

Natasha Gonek

In this episode of Talk Truth, we welcome back guest Natasha Gonek, a former regulatory investigations officer. She discusses her recent role as a witness at the NCI, where she provided extensive analysis of the Edmonton Police Service's transparency struggles during the pandemic. She delves into policies such as masking, isolation, and vaccine mandates affecting officers and staff. Additionally, Natasha explores the broader implications of governance on public services, highlighting the power of individual action in demanding accountability and change in governmental and organizational practices.

Dr. Meryl Nass

In this episode of Talk Truth, we welcome special guest Dr. Meryl Nass, a physician renowned for her outspoken views on global public health policies. Dr. Nass argues that recent global health directives, particularly from the WHO, are less about public safety and more about increasing control under the guise of pandemic preparedness. She discusses the potential ramifications of these measures on individual freedoms and human rights, while offering profound insights into sovereignty, censorship, and the influential role of major organizations in shaping public health agendas.

Pastor James Coates - Part 3

In this episode of Talk Truth, we are joined by guest Shawn Buckley to explore part three of Pastor James Coates' NCI Testimony, where he presents a compelling case for the vital role of congregational meetings in nurturing spiritual well-being. Pastor Coates emphasizes the scriptural mandate and the profound significance of these gatherings for individual and communal faith growth. Additionally, the episode sheds light on the legal challenges Pastor Coates faced. Despite these challenges and potential personal consequences, GraceLife Church witnessed remarkable growth, with its congregation tripling in size.

Pastor James Coates - Part 2

In this episode of Talk Truth, we dive into part two of Pastor James Coates' NCI testimony with guest Shawn Buckley. Pastor Coates shares the impact on his congregation, particularly the children, and shares his perspectives on government overreach and the theological basis for his actions, referencing his interpretation of Romans 13. We reflect deeper into the emotional and theological repercussions of these events.

Pastor James Coates - Part 1

In this episode of Talk Truth, we are joined by lawyer Shawn Buckley to explore part one of the compelling NCI testimony of Pastor James Coates. Pastor Coates shares his extraordinary journey during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting his decision to keep his church, Grace Life Church, open despite government lockdown orders. Facing scrutiny from the local community and government agencies, Pastor Coates and his congregation navigated challenges that led to legal battles and his imprisonment for 35 days.

Michael Wagner

In this episode of Talk Truth, we welcome back returning guest, Michael Wagner, a senior columnist from the Western Standard to discuss concepts of leadership, political influence, and Alberta's independence movement. Michael shares his insights on the integral role of charismatic leaders in uniting and driving political movements, using examples from both Canadian and American political landscapes. We discuss the dynamics of Alberta’s independence discussions, touching on the roles of current and past leaders and how they shape public sentiment and policy.

Natasha Gonek

In this episode of Talk Truth, we had the privilege of speaking with Natasha Gonek, a former regulatory investigations officer. Natasha shares her journey and insights into the world of regulatory investigations, particularly amidst COVID-19 mandates, and her transition away from her formal role. Learn how her career shifted when she took a stand against mandatory vaccine policies, now guiding others through the system with advocacy and support.

Dr. Robert Malone

In this episode of Talk Truth, we welcome back esteemed guest, Dr. Robert Malone. Dr. Malone shares insights into the complex world of COVID-19 vaccine development, the controversies surrounding NIH royalty agreements, and the broader implications of financial conflicts of interest within public health agencies. He provides an in-depth look at the murky financial transactions that seem to benefit only a select few, calling into question the ethical fabric of our health systems.

Michele Bachmann

In this episode of Talk Truth, we are joined by former U.S. Congresswoman and current Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, Michele Bachmann. Michele delves into the profound impacts of biblical principles on governance and education, sharing insights from her extensive career in politics and now in academic leadership. Additionally, she provides a critical analysis of global organizations like the World Health Organization and discusses the potential consequences of increasing global governance.

Steve Goreham

In this episode of Talk Truth, we are joined by Steve Goreham, a critic of current climate policies and author of "Green Breakdown: The Coming Renewable Energy Failure." Steve delves into the intricacies of climate change narratives, examining the practicality of renewable energy solutions and delving into the challenges surrounding electric vehicles within evolving economies and technological spheres. He also addresses the substantial financial influences behind environmental initiatives, despite facing practical hurdles.

Catherine Austin Fitts - Part 4

In this episode of Talk Truth, we are joined by Shawn Buckley to continue part 4 of Catherine Austin Fitts' NCI testimony. Catherine, with her extensive background in finance and government, shares her perspective on the decentralization of economies and its potential to foster greater prosperity compared to highly centralized systems. We also explore some heavy allegations about government strategies, population control via economic measures, and a potential shift towards a global technocracy.

Catherine Austin Fitts - Part 3

In this episode, we continue part 3 of Catherine Austin Fitts' NCI testimony with guest Shawn Buckley. This episode delves deep into the implications of digital currency and the centralization of political and economic power. Catherine Austin Fitts, a former assistant secretary in the Bush administration and an expert in macroeconomics, shares her insights on how the pandemic has been utilized to restructure the economy, concentrating power into fewer hands. She exposes potential ulterior motives behind vaccine mandates and introduces the chilling concept of digital concentration camps facilitated by CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies).

Catherine Austin Fitts - Part 2

In this episode, we continue part 2 of Catherine Austin Fitts' NCI testimony and uncover some unsettling revelations about the management of government finances and the consequences of these actions. Catherine, a former assistant secretary of housing and experienced financial expert discusses the concept of a "black budget" and a parallel political system that operates beyond the reach of traditional government oversight. Shocking findings reveal trillions of dollars unaccounted for, painting a disturbing picture of fiscal irresponsibility and hidden agendas. Joining the discussion is our returning expert, Shawn Buckley, who helps unravel the web of secrecy and the impact it has on society’s future.

Catherine Austin Fitts - Part 1

In this episode of Talk Truth, we are joined by lawyer and NCI Lead Councel, Shawn Buckley to go over the testimony of Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush. Catherine sheds light on her controversial view that the COVID-19 pandemic was not merely a health crisis but a well-orchestrated political and economic event aimed at a global financial reset. This episode explores the intricate connections between global financial systems, the push towards digital currencies, and the potential erosion of personal freedoms and rights.

David Cooke

In today's episode, we have David Cooke, shedding light on the controversial subject of MAID and its trajectory from relief for the terminally ill to a normalized option for many Canadians. We explored the value of life from historical, legal, and spiritual perspectives, and debated the responsibility of our nation towards the sanctity of living.

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