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Stephanie Bakker

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger are joined by guest Stephanie Bakker to discuss her involvement in the Westlock neutrality group and their efforts to restore equality and neutrality to public spaces. Stephanie shares her experience of advocating for neutrality in response to the painting of a rainbow crosswalk in their town, facing resistance and intimidation from local government officials. The conversation dives into the complexities of promoting neutrality in a small town and the challenges of standing up for one's beliefs in the face of fear and opposition.

Margaret Granny Mackay

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger sit down with a very special guest, Margaret Granny Mackay. We dive into Margaret's incredible dedication to advocating for the release of the Coutts 4 and the ongoing support she offers their families. Margaret sheds some light on the recent developments with the release of 2 out of the 4 men and provides an update on those still in prison. Margaret also shares her personal journey and the challenges she has faced.

Jaclyne Martin

In this episode of Talk Truth, we dive into the story of Jaclyne Martin, the wife of Jerry Morin, who is part of the Coutts 4. Hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger sit down for a compelling conversation with Jaclyne, who shares her firsthand experience with the judicial system and law enforcement in Canada. They discuss the events leading up to Jerry's incarceration, the allegations against him, the lack of support from the public, and the impact on their mental health. Jaclyne sheds light on the shenanigans and false accusations surrounding the case, while also expressing gratitude for the support they have received.

Ted Kuntz

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger invite Ted Kuntz, chair of National Citizens Inquiry, to discuss recent challenges faced by the organization. The episode dives into the significance of the NCI in holding the Canadian government accountable and explores the obstacles they've encountered from unexpected sources. As they navigate the complexities of political involvement, financial interests, and the impact of their work, they emphasize the need for discernment and the power of citizen-led accountability.

Shawn Buckley

In this eye-opening episode, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger dive into a revealing conversation with special guest Shawn Buckley, who sheds light on the turmoil within the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI). The discussion takes a deep dive into the internal discord and alleged sabotage faced by the NCI, its impact, and the challenges of maintaining its integrity and independence. Shawn discusses the NCI's role and emphasizes the importance of truth and accountability, while also sharing the struggles and determination to carry on their work.

Dr. Charles Hoffe

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger engage in a powerful conversation with guest Dr. Charles Hoffe. As one of the first doctors to question the information being presented, Dr. Hoffe shares his experiences and the impact it has had on his career and patients. The episode offers insights into the challenges faced by Dr. Hoffe and emphasizes the importance of critically examining information and standing firm in the truth.

Chris Barber

In this powerful and eye-opening episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger sit down with guest Chris Barber, a key figure in Freedom Convoy 2022. Chris shares his firsthand account of the historic trucker convoy to Ottawa, shedding light on the initial frustration and eventual realization of government corruption that led to this groundbreaking event. From witnessing peace and unity among Canadians to facing unjust consequences and a remarkable show of public support, Chris takes us on a journey through the emotional and impactful rollercoaster of the convoy.

Roger Song

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger are joined by Roger Song, a guest known for taking a stand against the Law Society of Alberta's mandatory cultural sensitivity training. As Roger shares his ongoing legal battle, the hosts discuss the importance of standing up for truth and the supremacy of God in the face of societal pressures. Roger's firsthand experience with political and legal challenges provides a powerful and eye-opening perspective on the current social climate.

Shawn Buckley & Ed Dowd - Part 1

Ed Dowd, a former Wall Street professional, found himself deeply concerned about the rapid development and distribution of a new vaccine technology. With his knowledge of safety vetting processes and the history of the company behind the vaccine, he chose to wait and observe before deciding to get the vaccine. He was shocked by the misinformation and propaganda surrounding the early days of the vaccine's launch. His cautious approach to the new technology reflects his commitment to thorough research and informed decision-making.

Franco Terrazzano

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger dive into the hot topic of the carbon tax and its impact on Canadian taxpayers. Franco Terrazzano, the federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, sheds light on the increasing tax burden on Canadians, with specific focus on the GST on carbon tax and its implications. The conversation delves into the potential rebranding of the carbon tax and the lack of action from political leaders to address these concerns.

Maxime Bernier

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger are joined by special guest Maxime Bernier, leader of the People's Party of Canada. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including the formation and platform of the People's Party, media control and freedom of speech, immigration policies, societal values, and more. Maxime shares about various issues facing Canada, providing thought-provoking insights and challenging perspectives.

Ted Kuntz

In this episode, Corri Hunsperger and Allan Hunsperger are joined by Ted Kuntz, the president of Vaccine Choice Canada. They discuss the history and challenges faced by parents of vaccine-injured children, shedding light on the lack of informed consent and the impact of vaccines on children's health. The conversation touches on the influence of pharmaceutical industry, media, and the need for greater awareness among parents and young people. Ted Kuntz shares insights from his organization and highlights the importance of informed decision-making regarding vaccinations.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson

In this episode of Talk Truth, join hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger as they engage in a thought-provoking conversation with renowned guest Dr. Roger Hodkinson. The episode is filled with inspiring discussions on faith, freedom, and the state of the world, personal insights, and updates on the medical and political landscape.

Lisa Vanderkwaak & Sandy Greer

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri Hunsperger and Allan Hunsperger are joined by Lisa Vanderkwaak and Sandy Greer, authors of "What the Fringe." The episode explores the courage of everyday Canadians during the tumultuous events of 2020 and beyond. Through their firsthand accounts, the guests delve into the impactful moments that have shaped Canadian history, discussing the trucker convoy, COVID-19 mandates, censorship of healthcare professionals, and the fight for freedom.

Catherine Christensen

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger dive into a gripping conversation with lawyer Catherine Christensen, who has taken on the Canadian Armed Forces in a groundbreaking legal battle. Catherine discusses the disturbing realities of the military's mandate for COVID-19 vaccinations and the subsequent abuse of power and violation of constitutional rights that have sparked mass tort lawsuits. As they uncover shocking truths about the state of the Canadian military, they explore the broader implications of the global movement chiseling away at the strength and integrity of national defenses, leaving countries vulnerable and defenseless.

Naomi Wolf

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger are joined by guest Naomi Wolf as they discuss the recent Davos meeting and global concerns about misinformation and disinformation. They dive into the impact of independent media, the changing landscape of news ownership, and the need for critical thinking in today's society. The conversation also covers the World Economic Forum's plans for "Disease X" and the potential implications it may have for global governance and public health.

Leighton Grey

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger are joined by Leighton Grey, a constitutional lawyer and host of Gray Matter. The conversation dives into recent legal decisions in Canada, including the impact on lawyers having to state their gender pronouns in court, the imposition of land acknowledgments, and a decision concerning the Emergencies Act. The discussion covers the implications of these decisions and the need for government accountability.

Micheal Wagner

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger dive into a deep discussion with guest Micheal Wagner, a Senior Alberta columnist. The conversation revolves around the concept of Christian nationalism and its impact on Canadian society. The hosts and Micheal explore the intertwining of Christian principles with government, the historical influence of Christianity on Canadian law, and the significance of upholding these principles in today's world. They shed light on the importance of these values beyond religious affiliations and emphasize their potential benefits for society as a whole.

Dr. Pierre Kory

Welcome to Talk Truth, where Corri and Allan Hunsperger, along with special guest Dr. Pierre Kory, dive into thought-provoking discussions about COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and controversial medical practices. In this episode, the conversation covers a wide range of topics including the effectiveness of measures like social distancing, the disappearance of the concept of natural immunity, and the moral and ethical implications of doctors' involvement in dangerous experiments. Dr. Kory also shares his approach to diagnosis and treatment, advocating for aggressive multi-component protocols.

Dr. William Makis

In this episode, the hosts and guest Dr. William Makis dive into the troubling realities of healthcare mismanagement, vaccine mandates, the profit motives of pharmaceutical companies, and the projected surge in cancer cases. The conversation highlights the significance of critical thinking, advocating for one's rights, and placing trust in God during these challenging times.

Tanner Hnidey

This episode dives into various topics related to the reliance on electricity, oil, and gas, as well as the impact of government policies and climate agendas on society. Tanner shares his insights and perspectives, shedding light on the importance of rational decision-making and the implications of shifting away from traditional energy sources. The conversation touches upon recent events in Alberta, challenges with electric vehicles, and the necessity of oil and gas in providing essential services.

Brett Oland

In this episode, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger sit down with guest Brett Oland, President and CEO of Bow Valley Credit Union, for an insightful and candid conversation about the state of the economy and the future of banking. They dive into topics like inflation, the possibility of a return to the gold standard, the impact of digital currency, and the challenges in the real estate market.

Dr. Peter McCullough

In this episode of Talk Truth, Dr. Peter McCullough joins hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger to discuss a wide range of topics related to COVID-19, vaccines, and public health. Dr. McCullough shares alarming insights and data from his recent testimonies, including the controversies surrounding Anthony Fauci, the potential dangers of COVID-19 vaccines, and the implications of mRNA technology. This thought-provoking and illuminating conversation sheds light on the current state of affairs and raises critical questions about the handling of the pandemic.

James Roguski

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger sit down with guest James Roguski to discuss the concerning events surrounding the World Health Organization (WHO). They discuss the fraud in the WHO, the push for amendments to international health regulations, and the implications of these decisions. The conversation takes a deep dive into the current state of global health governance, shedding light on the details often overlooked in mainstream media. They also touch on a petition to exit the UN and WHO, as well as the potential impact of these decisions on nations.

Gregory Wrightstone

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger invite geologist and author Gregory Wrightstone to the show to discuss climate change, carbon dioxide, and their impact on humanity. The conversation dives into the science of CO2 levels and temperature changes throughout Earth's history, the impact of climate on agriculture, and the potential motivations behind the current climate crisis discourse. With thought-provoking questions about carbon taxes, mask-wearing, and the influence of geoengineering, this episode challenges conventional beliefs and offers a fresh perspective on a widely debated topic.

Josh Alexander & James Kitchen

In today's episode, we are joined by Josh Alexander and his lawyer, James Kitchen, as they share their powerful journey of challenging religious discrimination and fighting for their convictions. This episode will take you through the legal battles, the sacrifices made, and the unwavering faith that propels these courageous individuals. From suspended students to appeals in court, their unwavering commitment to truth and righteousness will inspire and challenge you.

Dr. William Makis

In this episode of Talk Truth, Dr. William Makis joins hosts Corri Hunsperger and Allan Hunsperger to discuss some shocking revelations about the health care system in Canada. The conversation dives into the tragic accounts of vaccine-related deaths, the alarming trends in excess deaths, the corruption within health care leadership, and even the disturbing presence of convicted sex offenders in top positions. Dr. Makis exposes these unsettling truths and shines a light on the deep-rooted issues plaguing the Canadian health care system. The conversation is eye-opening and highlights the critical need for transparency, reform, and prayer in the face of these challenges.

Denis Rancourt - Part 5

In this episode of Talk Truth, we dive into part 5 of the testimony of Denis Rancourt, an expert in research and a professor with a deep understanding of the impact of all-cause mortality. Joined by guest Shawn Buckley, we uncover the profound insights revealed by Denis Rancourt's expertise. We explore the staggering implications of vaccination rollouts, the complexities of mortality statistics, and the potential geopolitical dynamics behind the global health crisis. With expert opinions and compelling data, the episode sheds light on the critical need to seek truth and understanding amidst a climate of censorship and misinformation. (Part 5)

Denis Rancourt - Part 4

In this episode of Talk Truth, we dive into part 4 of the eye-opening testimony from Dr. Denis Rancourt, as he shares his in-depth analysis on all-cause mortality data during the COVID-19 pandemic. From the vulnerability of specific populations to the perplexing data surrounding vaccines and variants, Denis Rancourt challenges listeners to reconsider their perspectives amidst the evolving narrative. (Part 4)

Denis Rancourt - Part 3

In this episode of Talk Truth, we dive into part 3 of Denis Rancourt's testimony, revealing staggering data on vaccine-related mortality and raising questions about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. The conversation challenges the public narrative and sheds light on concerning flaws in vaccine trials, urging listeners to explore the detailed testimony. (Part 3)

Denis Rancourt - Part 2

In this episode, hosts Corri Hunsperger, Allan Hunsperger, and guest Shawn Buckley dive into the thought-provoking testimony of Dr. Denis Rancourt. Through a detailed examination of mortality rates, vaccine rollouts, and geographical hot spots, Rancourt challenges the prevailing narrative on the pandemic and its management. The conversation unearths compelling evidence that questions the mainstream narrative and underscores the need for open dialogue and scrutiny. (Part 2)

Denis Rancourt - Part 1

In this episode, we dive into Denis Rancourt's analysis of all-cause mortality data related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rancourt's findings challenge the narrative of a pandemic-induced excess mortality. The discussion raises thought-provoking questions about fear-mongering, national sovereignty in pandemic response, and potential future health policies. (Part 1)

Leighton Grey

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger engage in an insightful conversation with guest Leighton Grey about the significance of Christmas and the battle for freedom. The episode delves into the importance of Christmas, the attacks on traditional celebrations, and the impact of the Christian faith on Canadian society. Leighton Grey shares his thoughts on the intertwining of Christmas and the fight for freedom, drawing from history, literature, and current events.

Shawn Buckley

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Alan Hunsperger are joined by guest Shawn Buckley to discuss the National Citizens Inquiry and the release of its comprehensive report on how various levels of government handled the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion covers the impact of fear, the power of community action, and practical steps for individuals to make a difference. The captivating and insightful conversation offers a powerful call to action for listeners to engage with the report and participate in shaping a better future for their communities.

Greg Hartzler

In this episode of Talk Truth, we welcome Greg Hartzler, who opens up about the tragic and mysterious death of his son, Addison. A Global News report sheds light on the heartbreaking loss and the unanswered questions surrounding the events leading to his passing while in police custody. With little clarity and daunting challenges, Greg reflects on the devastating impact of the loss and the journey to seek justice.

Roger Song & Glenn Blackett

In this episode, we deep dive into the lawsuit filed by Roger Song against the Law Society of Alberta, highlighting the importance of preserving professional independence in the face of evolving regulatory objectives. The conversation covers Roger’s personal journey from China to Canada, his experience of cultural and ideological indoctrination, and his discovery of Christianity in a free and democratic society. Guests shed light on the complexities of the legal case, the critical importance of the Canadian Constitution, and the impact of ideological influences on legal practice.

Gary Davidson

In this episode, hosts Corri Hunsperger and Allan Hunsperger speak with Gary Davidson, an emergency doctor from Alberta. Together, they explore the significance of God's sovereignty and freedom, and the transformative power that comes from embracing faith. Gary shares his personal testimony, including his daughter Mikaela's battle with cancer, and the unwavering trust in God's plan that sustained them through the toughest of times.

Greg Hill

In this episode of Talk Truth, hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger are joined by Greg Hill, co-founder of Free To Fly, as they contemplate the importance of seeking the Lord's guidance in today's tumultuous world. The conversation touches on the power of hope, the need for introspection, and the practical applications of faith in daily life, work, and community. Through reflections on the story of Nehemiah, they emphasize the importance of action and obedience, leaving listeners with a revived sense of purpose and faith.

Dr. Robert Malone

In this episode, Dr. Robert Malone joins hosts Corri and Allan Hunsperger to discuss a wide range of topics, including current global issues, the role of independent media, and the impact of government decisions on society. Dr. Malone shares his insights on the propaganda surrounding COVID, the erosion of integrity and dignity, and the potential threats from the rise of new economic theories. The conversation touches on the impact of alternative media, the challenges faced by various countries, and even the practical concerns of energy sources and financial stability.

Mikki Willis

In this episode, Mikki Willis shares details about his latest film projects, The Independence Project, his connection with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and discusses the importance of humility and truth in leadership.

Eva Chipiuk

In this episode, we sit down with Eva Chipiuk from Empowered Canadians to discuss the current state of civic education and engagement in the country. Eva shares her insights on the need to empower Canadians with information and knowledge to participate more confidently in the democratic system. We explore the challenges Canadians face in having intelligent conversations with one another, the reluctance to engage in debates, and the refusal to address fundamental issues. Eva stresses the importance of education, strategic conversations, and coordinated action as the way forward.

Dr. Dennis Modry

In this episode, hosts Corri and Allan are joined by special guest Dr. Dennis Modry, a familiar face on the show. They dive deep into the issues plaguing the Canadian healthcare system and discuss potential solutions for improvement. From the inefficiencies of the current system to the restrictions imposed by the Canada Health Act, Dr. Modry sheds light on the need for change. They also touch on the importance of accountability and choice in healthcare, as well as the potential benefits of a private-public partnership. Join us as we explore the complexities of the Canadian healthcare system and the path towards a more efficient and effective future.

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